Nina Dobrev Is Maybe, Almost Definitely Dating Her Bestie's Brother

Nina Dobrev Derek HoughThis is the cutest news ever, and here's hoping it doesn't get weird: According to E! Online, Nina Dobrev is officially hooked up with a brand new beau. The guy in question? Derek Hough, the Emmy award-winning choreographer and "Dancing with the Stars" champ—and also, as you might have surmised, the brother of her very best ladyfriend Julianne.

Nina and Julianne hang out all the time, so it would've been a no-brainer for the "Vampire Diaries" star to meet her friend's family...and then make out with them, like you do. Although neither Nina nor Derek has personally confirmed that they're an item, E! has the ever-loose-tongued "sources" to rely on, and Nina's Instagram feed (in which she's been posting lots of gushy congrats to Derek on his Emmy win) suggests that there could be love in the air. Also, it's basically a rule when you date your best friend's brother that you have to get married, so if this business results in a whirlwind romance and a big honking engagement ring, we totally called it.

Do Nina and Derek make a super-cute couple?

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