'Fallen' Gets Its Hot Antagonist

Harrison GilbertsonWith a title like "Fallen," you know that the film based on Lauren Kate's YA series is going to have some angelic overtones...and when it comes to casting its leading men, we're gonna need some seriously heavenly hotness to round out the roster, here. Sooooo, no surprise to find out that dimpled cutie-pie Harrison Gilbertson is officially on board the film as the story's resident irresistible bad boy. The author posted the news herself this morning, prompting much sinful speculation on the part of the "Fallen" fandom.

Harrison might not be a familiar face to American audiences, but he's done a lot of work both big and small-screen in his native Australia—including rubbing shoulders with the all-star cast of "The Turning" this year. (There are, like, a dozen "Lord of the Rings" alumni in that one.)

In the role of Cam, he'll be playing a gorgeous rebel at heroine Luce's new boarding school—and without revealing too much, let's just say that his ability to tantalize and tease the ladyfolk isn't quite of this world.

The movie stars Addison Timlin in the lead role, and Jeremy Irvine as another student to whom Luce feels mysteriously drawn. And after a long, loooong wait for anything to happen while Hollywood ironed out the movie-making plan, it's safe to say that things are now full steam ahead on "Fallen." Maybe we'll even have a sneak peeky look at what's happening on set for Christmas!

Is Harrison the ultimate Cam, or were you expecting a more debonair devil?

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