'Ravenswood' Trailer Scares Up A Mysterious Curse

RavenswoodLock your doors, bar your windows and grab your blankie—the first trailer for "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off "Ravenswood" is here, and it makes treacherous Rosewood look like an inviting idyll.

The one-minute clip opens with new-boy-on-the-block Caleb Rivers (played by Tyler Blackburn) examining a headstone, creepily baring his name and likeness (albeit an old-timey likeness). But when he questions the town mortician about the curiosity, he's told not to worry about it. A clear sign that he should totally worry about it.

"We have a different kind of normal in this town," Caleb is later told by local girl Remy (played by Britne Oldford). And it soon becomes apparent that "normal" translates to "living under a devastating curse," which appears to kill five teens every generation. Caleb, along with four others, must solve the mystery of this curse before it's too late (and if he ever wants to sip a latte at The Brew again).

"Ravenswood" premieres October 22 following the "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween special.

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