'The Originals' Stars Promise Hot Vampires, War And Shirtlessness

What can fans expect from the first season of "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off, "The Originals"? We're so glad you asked! Because stars Claire Holt and Charles Michael Davis brought their laundry list to last weekend's iHeartRadio Music Festival. Among the items: a lot of hot vampires, war, family, war (again) and waterboarding. Wait...waterboarding?!

"That's not what we do on our show! That's 'Homeland'! Wrong one!" Claire exclaimed, correcting co-star Charles before adding more seriously: "Tonally, it's a little darker than 'The Vampire Diaries,' maybe skewed a little older."

"Sexier. And a little cooler...just slightly," Charles chimed in.

"Being set in New Orleans, it has more of a mystical element," Claire continued.

And if you were among "Vampire Diaries" watchers wishing—constantly wishing—for more glimpses into the sordid history of the Mikaelson family, you'll definitely want to listen to what Claire had to say next.

"Because we've been around so long, and the Originals have such a history with Marcel, there's going to be a lot of delving into the past and looking at what happened and the events and relationships," she promised.

But it's the last bit that really got us: "[And] some shirtless Charles."

Yes. Please.

"The Originals" premieres after "The Vampire Diaries" on October 3.

Are you planning on watching "The Originals"?