Emma Watson Is A Sustainable Stunner

Emma WatsonIf you were hoping to kick off your weekend with a lovely, multi-page spread of Emma Watson wearing some stunning, sustainably produced gowns, then congratulations: Your bizarrely specific dreams have just come true! Net-a-Porter's online magazine has the actress on model duty for Livia Firth's design challenge to create five ethical dresses.

For Emma, zipping into these beautiful looks was a no-brainer; ethical and eco-conscious fashion is one of the issues she's most passionate about. As she explained, "Maybe there would be fewer problems if we were really conscious of where and how things were made."

The other interesting takeaway from her interview? A little surprise insight about the agonies Emma endures for all those flawless, beautiful appearances at premieres and the like. Asked about the difference between her daily duds and her red-carpet looks, she said, "On the red carpet, I’m usually in so much discomfort—my shoes are uncomfortable, I can’t breathe in the dress. I don’t compromise like that in my everyday style."

Okay, love that. It's one thing to know intellectually that looking that gorgeous can't be easy; it's another to have Emma Watson actually admit out loud that the price of her much-lauded red carpet style is being unable to walk or breathe. We feel so much better about everything now.

Do you love Emma in these sustainably produced looks?