Style Superstar: Kate Bosworth Gives It Some Lip

Nothing says "fall" like a sleek black dress and a fiery pout—and despite being quite awhile out of the public eye, Kate Bosworth apparently hasn't forgotten how to work these things like the stylish pro that she is. The actress was on the scene this week for the opening of a Bvlgari Retrospective at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, in an outfit so perfect that we were reminded, once again, of why we wish she'd come out of hiding more often.

In this case, it was the flawless accessorizing of her bodycon black dress that kicked this look into Style Superstar territory: In addition to rocking a flawless fit and understated black pumps, Kate opted for soft, shiny waves, a hot pink lip and sparkling diamonds on her wrists and ears (which was only right for a Bvlgari event, of course.) Even for a woman who's known for looking her best in sophisticated, understated frocks, this look is a cut above.

Also getting an artistic eyeful this week was Blake Lively, who stepped out in this jumpsuit for an exhibition in Milan. And...well, okay, it's often been said that Blake is so stunning, she could wear an industrial-strength trashbag to an event and still look completely amazing. But it must also be said that just because she can do that, it doesn't mean she actually should.

What do you think of this week's picks for best and worst dressed?