'Vampire Academy' Launches Gossip Tumblr: Get An EXCLUSIVE First Peek At Gush!

Vampire AcademyOhmigod, you guys! Did you hear that Christian is a closet strigoi sympathizer? Did you know that Rose and Dimitri are in, like, forbidden love? And psssssst, I heard that Victor Dashkov is endowed with a super-long...uh, pair of fangs. HOT. At least, that's the word from the hush-hush gossip blog for students at St. Vladimir's Academy for vampires—which was the biggest secret ever until we EXCLUSIVELY scooped it.

Gush (because the only thing better than juicy gossip is a delicious double entendre) is your one-stop source for all the dirtiest, darkest, deadliest dish about what's going on behind closed doors at St. Vlad's. If you wanna know who's hooking up, who's secretly pining and who just got busted creeping out of someone's bed in the last fleeting minutes before sunset, you've got to take a look...and if you want to be up on all the school secrets before "Vampire Academy" hits theaters next year, you can follow along on Tumblr to make sure you're not missing any red-hot rumors.

"Vampire Academy," starring Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovsky, is in theaters February 2014.

Are you going mad for St. Vlad's gossip?