Peep The Trailer For 'Miley: The Movement'

The twerking and tonguing were just the beginning, y'all: Miley Cyrus is actually on fire, and she's not slowing down until she's become the artist she's always dreamed of. That's the takeaway from this trailer for upcoming documentary, "Miley: The Movement," which follows Miley backstage, on tour, into the recording studio—and onto a couch for a little bit of snuggle-up time with Mama Cyrus, of course, because the girl is still a human being who needs love, too.

This documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at Miley's quest to redefine her image, starting off with a bang (also known as "the twerk heard 'round the world") at this year's Video Music Awards. And if that moment shocked you to the point where you're still talking about it, well, that's exactly what the woman intended:

"You're always going to make people talk," she explains. "You might as well make them talk for two weeks, rather than two seconds."

Among the highlights of the trailer: You'll catch a glimpse of Miley in conversation with another pop star who knows a thing or two about VMA controversies: yep, that's Britney Spears she's hanging with during a break from making her new album. (Brit-Brit nods knowingly as Miley marvels that people "take the VMAs so seriously"; she says, "I just want to go out there and, like, shoot a hot dog gun.")

"Miley: The Movement" premieres Wednesday, October 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Will you be watching Miley's documentary?