Put Some EXCLUSIVE 'Bane Chronicles' Goodness In Your Ear

Would you like to have Stephen Lunsford and Michael Trevino whisper some sexy, sultry, bloodlusty little nothings in your ear...at the same time?! Then go ahead and thank the illustrious Magnus Bane for this aural menage a trois: The two handsome gentlemen who'll be respectively responsible for narrating Bane Chronicles audiobooks Nos. 5 and 6 are talking about their foray into the world of literary fantasy, and we've got EXCLUSIVE excerpts upon which to feast your ears. (The bad news is, these are audio-only, so you can't see the sexy men. The good news is, these are audio-only, so you can totally close your eyes and pretend that the sexy men are sitting right next to you with no clothes on.)

Stephen Lunsford is the man in charge of bringing Cassandra Clare's "The Rise of Hotel Dumort" to life on audiobook, as he narrates the adventures of Magnus Bane against the glittering backdrop of the Jazz Age; Michael Trevino will voice the next book, "Saving Raphael Santiago," in which Magnus searches the streets of 1950s New York for a mysteriously missing child.

And if that sounds exciting, then so will this: With 10 Bane books in all, there are going to be four more chances for hot Hollywood actors to get involved in narrating his story. Just a little something to look forward to.

"The Rise of the Hotel Dumort" (co-authored by Maureen Johnson) and "Saving Raphael Santiago" (co-authored by Sarah Rees Brennan) are both out now! And as a bonus to Hollywood Crush readers, we have interviews with Stephen and Michael below! Check 'em out!

Which of the new Bane audiobooks are you most pumped about?