40 Days Of Dating Heads to Hollywood

40 Days of DatingIf you've spent any time over the past few weeks embroiled in the crazy designer drama of 40 Days of Dating, then this news will come as no surprise: Warner Bros. has snagged the rights to make a movie based on the project, according to a report from Deadline. (And if you haven't been reading 40 Days of Dating, beware, it is an addictive web of internet madness that'll eat your life and rip off all your old romantic scabs and make you feel a lot of feels about FEELINGS.)

The project was the brainchild of Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, two friends who decided to make an experiment out of dating each other. Their mismatched personalities and opposing relationship approaches promised that things would almost certainly get interesting—she's a serial monogamist, he's a poster boy for commitment-phobia—and sure enough, some major drama ensued over the course of their month-plus of togetherness.

It's no surprise that Hollywood was raring to snap up the story even before the experiment reached its bittersweet conclusion (it's not a spoiler to say that the two end up with more questions than answers when the 40 days are up), but it'll be interesting to see how the couple's story translates onto the big screen; with far more complexity and self-awareness than the average romance, and little video vignettes already making up a big part of the project, it's ripe for an unconventional adaptation and a pair of smart actors in the lead roles. Lizzy Caplan as Jessica, anyone?

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