'Pretty Little Liars' Will Finally Find Alison During Halloween Special?

Pretty Little Liars

Mark Tuesday, October 22 on your calendars! (As if it’s not already!) You see, that's not only the day that "Ravenswood" premieres on ABC Family, but it's also the night of the highly-anticipated "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween special.

And in addition to the unforgettable juicy "A" reveal from the summer finale, the drama is about to get kicked up about 1000 notches. You see we might finally get the chance to see Alison during the special. Like in the flesh, not just in flashbacks or daydreams.

"The Liars always thought their friend was dead," the voiceover in the latest tease shares. "This October, the search for Alison is on!"

Oh. My. God!


The ladies never really stopped looking for Ali. But, given that Ezra has now been revealed as the creeptastic "A" (a reveal we are still reeling from), the Halloween special just might explain why he is obsessed with her and the liars. The hunt for their pals' frenemy and A's former, well, something. Let's just hope they get to her before Ezr"A" does.

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