Zooey Dechanel Was ‘Hoping’ Nick and Jess Would Hook Up

New Girl

Nick and Jess have had the summer to figure out their relationship. And with "New Girl" returning on Tuesday night, fans will finally get to see what happens between the twosome since they declared their love for one another at the end of last season.

And star Zooey Deschanel told TVGuide.com that fans should be excited that the couple has decided to, well, couple up.

"It was something we'd all been hoping would happen," she said. "You end up in a holding pattern if you have too much push-me-pull-me and you're trying to keep the characters apart. They were keeping our characters apart, and I work really well with Jake, so that was kind of a bummer. I thought the season got even better once we got together."

She continued, "Jess is going to find out how deeply messed up Nick is and possibly try to fix him. They both are flawed people, so that's what's fun about watching the two of them interact. She can't help herself trying to see the good in people and bring out the good in people, and he can't himself but be a little bit of a mess."

As if that relationship isn't enough for fans, Zooey also revealed that Schmidt’s "secret sociopath" side comes out more during season three. As long as "secret sociopath" is code for "shirtless a lot," we are on board.

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