Mindy Kaling Reveals James Franco’s ‘Mindy Project’ Inspiration

James Franco Mindy Project

Prepare yourselves! James Franco is ready to challenge Dr. Mindy on the new season of "The Mindy Project," which kicks off Tuesday night.

And given just how adorable his Dr. Paul Leotard is, we think Mindy might have a hard time kicking him to the curb and reclaiming her practice from the model turned OB/GYN. "His name is Paul Leotard, which is a ridiculous name and the fact that he was like 'Yeah that's a great name for the character,' he just rolls with everything," star Mindy Kaling explained to MTV News. "In fact, when he introduced himself to me on the show he pronounced it 'Lay-o-tard,' which is even funnier to me. He just wants to be the weirdest, funniest version of himself."

The season premiere finds Mindy perfectly in love with her fiance, Pastor Casey. But expect lots of snafus and some hardcore crushing on Dr. Leotard, a jack-of-all-trades, much like the actor himself.

"We wanted there to be a little bit of a wink. When he's putting up his credentials [during the episode], there's like nine things he does and I think that James is so good at poking fun at himself," she said. "He's like a multi-hyphenate-[at]-large. So, yeah, he was excited to, I think, make light of that."

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