Peep Our EXCLUSIVE Trailer For New YA Romance 'Frozen'

Forget the last lingering warmth of summer or the crisp chill of fall; this year, the best YA romance is happening when temperatures drop below zero. Just look at the ice cold hotness of this new, exclusive trailer for "Frozen", the sexy new fantasy from husband-and-wife writing team Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston, and tell us you're not ready to snuggle up with a warm blanket, a hot toddy, and some steeeeeamy forbidden brouhaha with a snowshoeing mercenary.

The story goes like this: the world as we know it has ended not in a blazing, fiery inferno, but with a new ice age — and the glittering glitz of Las Vegas is now a frozen city, surrounded by treacherous silver tundra full of dangers beyond imagination. But for Nat, a blackjack dealer with a secret, the uncertain wilderness outside the city lines may be her only way to safety. Enter Wes, the leader of a team of mercenaries who promises to show her the way. Will they make it? And more importantly, will they make out? The mystery is killing us, but we'll only have to wait one more day to find out whether Nat and Wes become a couple, or a couple of human popsicles; "Frozen" is on sale September 17.

Is "Frozen" on your must-read list?