Get To Know New YA Series 'Wild Cards' In This EXCLUSIVE Intro

If you weren't already psyched to the gills about the start of football season—and considering that the next several months will involve multiple chances per week to watch beefy men in spandex pants rolling around on the grass in buttcheek-rippling slow-motion, we don't know why you wouldn't be!—then this EXCLUSIVE video intro for Simone Elkeles' new YA series, "Wild Cards," should definitely get you there. (Don't believe us? Just click, watch and hang in there for the one-minute mark where a young Ashton Kutcher look-alike strides out wearing nothing but an artfully-wrapped towel.)

"Wild Cards" is Simone's latest, and it's got all the steamy romance and exciting drama that fans have come to expect. This time around, the action takes place in small-town Illinois—where high school football is big, y'all. The heroine is one Ashtyn Parker, a talented kicker who just wants to win the athletic scholarship that'll help her escape to college; the unlikely hero, a brooding city boy named Derek who might be able to change Ashtyn's life in more ways than one.

The first book will be out in October, but this bunch of webisodes introducing the key players (some of whom, let us remind you, are wandering around half-naked) is ready to tease the action before the series hits shelves. Want to see what's happening in the lives of the Fremont High Rebels? Enjoy the intro here, then head to for the first full-length episode!

Is "Wild Cards" on your must-read list?