Daniel Radcliffe's School Of Sexcraft And Sexery

When you think of actor Daniel Radcliffe, what's the first thing that comes to mind? [Pause] It's sex, isn't it? It's okay. No, really. Don't be ashamed. We're right there with you. After all, with upcoming steamy turns in "Horns" and "Kill Your Darlings," how could you really associate the 24-year-old with anything else? (We do hear he starred in some sort of kiddie series that was fairly popular in the U.K....)

Anyway, when we caught up with Daniel at the Toronto International Film Festival—being the ace reporters that we are—we had to get his best tips on the art of sex acting. Two words you'll want to remember: Tom Hanks. Learn it. Live it.

Click play on the clip above for the latest installment of MTV's After Hours!

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