'Breaking Dawn' Supercut: Would You Pay To See It?

Breaking DawnWe mostly associate the word "supercut" with a long-ago, deeply regretted bang trim from the hair salon at the mall, but this latest news from Collider might just be exciting enough to strip the word of all its bad juju: In an interview with the publication, director Bill Condon revealed that he's created his very own supercut of the last two films in "The Twilight Saga"! Bill has taken parts one and two of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and edited them into a single movie, one that tells the final bits of Edward and Bella's story in one, seamless swoop. (He describes it as having rearranged certain bits and pieces to create a continuous narrative, "making it feel more like the original novel.")

The only bad news: This supercut is Mr. Condon's own personal plaything, which means none of us are going to get to see it until or unless he invites us over to his house for a slumber party and movie night. (OMG YOU GUYS. FINGERS CROSSED.) But now that we know it's out there...well, if the fanbase lobbies hard enough, maybe it'll see the light of day! So, tell us: Would you pay to watch it?

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