'The Fault In Our Stars' Cozies Up To Its Monica

Will there ever be an announcement related to "The Fault in Our Stars" movie that doesn't immediately precipitate a frantic bout of high-pitched nonstop excited squealing? ...Um, maybe? BUT NOT TODAY. Thus, we are typing the following news whilst also going "EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEE!": Thanks to a tweet from John Green, we've caught a glimpse of the pretty lady who (unbeknownst to anyone 'til now) is playing the role of Monica.

The actress in question is Emily Peachey, and the most notable entry on her short resume is probably a nameless bit in the 2011 Taylor Lautner-as-action-star flick "Abduction." So, clearly she's moving up in the world with her role as the devoted girlfriend of Isaac (played by Nat Wolff)!

It's a small part, but you'll definitely spot her sometime in the film's first half-hour—most likely attached like a remora to her boyfriend's face, to the disgust and amusement of the story's central couple. And with Monica officially on board, there's practically nobody left in this cast that we don't know about...with the possible exception of Lidewij, the devoted assistant to Peter Van Houten. Betting pool, anyone?

Does Emily Peachey look like the Monica of your imaginings?