Hailee Steinfeld Is Just Your Typical Teen (Sorta)

Hailee SteinfeldFew actresses are poised to have as auspicious of an autumn as Hailee Steinfeld. In October, the 16-year-old will play one-half of the most famous star-crossed pairings of all time, stepping onto the moon-lit balcony as Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet," adapted by "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes (a project she told us all about late last month). Then, in November, she'll launch into outerspace for the big-screen adaptation of "Ender's Game," starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford. Yet, Hailee somehow found time to pose for the October issue of Teen Vogue and chat with their interviewer all about her surprisingly down-to-earth existence.

"Whether I'm a bit of an old soul or not, I am who I am, and that doesn't change, whether I'm with adults or with my friends," Hailee explained of balancing her very adult responsibilities with her teen sensibilities. "When I'm in this adult world, I get to play dress-up and be a big girl and meet older people. It's the best of both worlds."

Of course, her lifestyle does mean that—from time to time—she misses out on the typical teen trappings.

"I've never been to a homecoming or a prom. I think it would be really cool to say that I have," she said, adding, "But I've been to the Oscars, and that's the coolest thing that anybody can ever say. Though it's not the same. It's not your high school prom!"

Another perk? Locking lips with some seriously cute co-stars, like Romeo himself, Douglas Booth.

"It was one of the best elements of our film," Hailee enthused. "The whole story happens over the course of just a few days, and we played along with that. It was very truthful."

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