Robert Pattinson's Dior Ad Is Here (And It Is Hot)!

Robert PattinsonThe teasing is finally over! (Or, has it just begun?!) After months and months and months of sneak peek images from Dior Homme's ad campaign featuring "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, the fashion house has finally released an "Uncensored Official Director's Cut." And you'll definitely want to check out the clip if any of the following pique your interest:

-Robert Pattinson looking hot while smoking a cigarette in a bathtub.

-Robert Pattinson looking hot while making out with a model in an elevator.

-Robert Pattinson looking hot while making out with a model in a bed.

-Robert Pattinson looking hot while driving a car through the surf.

-Robert Pattinson looking hot.

Shot in black and white and set to the pulsing rhythm of Led Zeppelin, director Romain Gavras has given RPattz fans quite a tasty dish to nosh on. While we're not sure how many men will be inspired to purchase Dior Homme fragrance, we bet more than a few girlfriends will be putting the cologne on their shopping list hoping a little bit of that heat is bottled inside.

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