'Catching Fire' EXCLUSIVE Image: Katniss, Peeta Take A Tour

Our Fall Movie Preview may be winding down, but we've still got all kinds of delicious sneak-peeky things to whet your cinematic appetites for the biggest, boldest, most anticipated-est blockbusters of the year...but perhaps none so totally covetable as this new, EXCLUSIVE still from "Catching Fire"! Be forewarned, o lovers of all things "Hunger Games": This never-before-seen pic of District 12's champions on their government-sponsored Victory Tour will reduce you from an articulate human person into a blubbering mass of firing neurons that can only run in circles around the room, screeching, "ERMAGHERD! ERTS KERTNEHS ERND PERRTEHHHH!"

If you're even a little familiar with the story behind the "Hunger Games" sequel, this image should come as no surprise: It's gotta be an early-in-the-film shot from Katniss and Peeta's tour 'round the Districts, a dog-and-pony show undertaken by the duo in an attempt to stave off the revolution fomenting amongst the Panem citizenry. (Apparently, said dog-and-pony show involves one of the most covetable outfits evar; how amazing are Katniss's colorblock sweater and paneled leggings? Has there ever been a more perfect fall ensemble?)

But they can trot out the champions in pretty clothes and artful coifs all they want; nothing's gonna stop this train from rolling on into the Capitol for the Quarter Quell, and furthermore, nothing is going to stop Finnick Odair from being shirtless when it happens...among other things that make "Catching Fire" one of the movies we can't wait to feast our eyes on this fall.

"Catching Fire" is out in theaters November 22.

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