Peep Our EXCLUSIVE Stills From 'How I Live Now'

Ah, the English countryside. Rolling hills, charming cottages, cute British boys with even cuter British accents...all in all, not the worst place for an American girl to spend a much-needed summer vacation! Oh, but there's a catch: Just when you've finally gotten used to Marmite and the metric system, and just when it looks like something might finally happen between you and the delectable hottie who lives just down the country lane, your holiday abroad turns become an ill-conceived exile in a strange, hostile land that's quickly devolving into chaos.

No, this isn't just a bizarre scenario we came up with in order to entertain ourselves on a dull Friday morning; it's the fascinating premise of the upcoming movie "How I Live Now"—based on the 2004 YA novel by Meg Rosoff—which features Saoirse Ronan as an American teenager, Daisy, whose summer stay in a remote English village unhappily coincides with the sudden onset of a third world war.

And just to amp up your excitement for the film before its upcoming release, we've got three EXCLUSIVE images of Saoirse in her role (including one where she's in the company of cutie-pie George MacKay, as if this weren't already exciting enough.) How will Daisy handle love in a time of war—especially as the increasing instability in England turns her from a hapless tourist into a fugitive on the run?

Mark your calendar if you want to find out: "How I Live Now" hits theaters November 8.

Are you intrigued by "How I Live Now"?