The 'Divergent' Cast Talks Factions In This Neat Preview

DivergentAre you dying for another glimpse of what's in store from the upcoming "Divergent" movie? Would you enjoy some sneak-peeky behind-the-scenes goodness featuring the actors, plus author Veronica Roth? Have you ever been like, This whole "faction" business is confusing and I would like Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley to explain it to me, personally, because we are such good friends!? Well, aren't you the luckiest duck in Ducktown? Because there's a new preview making its way 'round the internets in which ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Check it!

In this official "Factions" preview from the folks at Summit, the cast of "Divergent" are all on hand to talk about just what makes the story's futuristic society tick: specifically, the organization of its members into five distinct factions, each based on a single, unifying core value. Plus, there's some great footage that shows the movie being made—including a better look at the ceremony in which Beatrice "Tris" Prior makes the choice that changes her life, and a shot of Shailene taking the plunge from that rooftop (which leaves no question as to whether the actress performed that stunt herself. Nerves of steel, that one!)

"Divergent" hits theaters March 20, 2014.

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