'The Fault In Our Stars' Adds Mike Birbiglia To Its Cast

Mike BirbigliaWe probably don't have to tell you that the movie adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars" has officially begun filming in Pittsburgh—no doubt we've all watched John Green's video missive from the set, also known as "Ansel Elgort paints miniature figurines," several dozen times in a state of total panting/frothing excitement—but did you know that, technically, the cast of the movie isn't even complete yet? Not only are we still waiting on a grizzled, crotchety old dude to play the reclusive author, Peter Van Houten (and please, oh please, let it be Philip Seymour Hoffman?), but according to a tweet from John Green himself, comedian Mike Birbiglia has just snagged the previously unfilled role of Patrick.

Patrick is the overenthusiastic leader of the cancer support group in which Hazel and Augustus, the story's key couple, meet for the first time. A survivor of testicular cancer (and therefore, the proud non-owner of exactly zero testicles), the man is a cliche of Pollyanna positivity who is eyed skeptically by both of the "TFiOS" protagonists. The man playing him, Mike Birbiglia, is a comedian, writer and actor who's been in a handful of films, but is probably best known for an oft-cited personal anecdote about having jumped out of a second-story window while sleepwalking.

"The Fault in Our Stars" has no official release date yet, but director Josh Boone has hinted at the possibility of it hitting theaters sometime in the latter half of 2014.

What do you think of the latest "TFiOS" casting news?