Want A 'White Hot Kiss'? Peep This EXCLUSIVE Cover!

White Hot KissWith a title like "White Hot Kiss," you're probably expecting, ahem, certain things from the art for Jennifer L. Armentrout's newest novel...and let us be the first to tell you, IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. Wanna see for yourself? Just feast your peepers on the EXCLUSIVE cover reveal for this steamy fantasy, the first book in a hotly anticipated series about a race of gargoyles, a world on the brink of war and a girl with hot blood, a fiery heart, and—most importantly—a very, very poisonous mouth.

Nope, it's not hot in here; it's just this photo, in which two nice-looking young people are right on the verge of a passionate smooch. And if that's Layla, the "White Hot Kiss" heroine who's a half-demon, half-gargoyle hybrid with a kiss that actually murders people, then we hope the dude in question is one soulless bastard...literally! Because otherwise, this kiss is gonna be his last.

But could this be Roth, the gorgeous demon who might just be the one man alive Layla can safely lock lips with? Or is it Zayne, the demon-hunting guardian for whom her affections would mean certain death? So! Many! Questions! But we'll have to sit tight 'til next spring to find out what sort of sexy secrets await in Jennifer's new "Dark Elements" series; "White Hot Kiss" will be on shelves in March 2014.

Is "White Hot Kiss" officially on your must-read list?