'Vampire Academy' Stars: 'I Hope We Don't Disappoint!'

The countdown is on for "Vampire Academy"'s theatrical debut on February 14, 2014. And while the buzz for the flick, adapted from Richelle Mead’s bestselling books, continues to grow, two of its stars, Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland, just hope fans are pleased by their big-screen take.

“I just hope that people enjoy it—fans that have already read the series, as well as newcomers—I hope they enjoy this story,” Zoey told MTV News at the VMAs over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Sarah, best known for her work on ABC’s “Modern Family,” added that there’s not one scene she’s most amped for fans to see come to life. She’s excited for “the entire thing! I think it’s going to be really interesting to see it all come together!”

But, she did express some jitters about bringing the film to theaters next year.

Sarah added, “I hope we don’t disappoint. I had heard of the book [before shooting]. I had heard so much about it. I’ve only read the first one. I think that’s bad probably!”

Considering the movie opens next year, she’s got plenty of time to read the rest!

“Vampire Academy” also stars Lucy Fry, Gabriel Byrne and Danila Kozlovsky. It comes via some capable hands, Daniel Waters ("Heathers") wrote the script, and Mark Waters (“Mean Girls”) directed.

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