'Mortal Instruments' Star Godfrey Gao Got To Wear His Own Underpants

If you've been keeping up with our slew of set visit videos from "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," you already know that actor Godfrey Gao, who plays the magical Magnus Bane, filmed his very first scene in the film sans pants. But you may not know the hysterical backstory behind the the skivvy scene.

Here, straight from the actor himself, is the rest of the tale of his first day on set (and in the breezy wardrobe):

"I had a rack of blazers to chose from, dress shirts, accessories, and I see a rack of underwear," Godfrey recalled. "It's like boxers, briefs, all sorts of styles and colors. And, you know, the stylist was like, 'Pick one. Whatever you like.' I was like, 'Can I have none of those? Can I have some pants on or something?' And the director, Harald [Zwart] walks in, and he was like, 'Those look pretty much like an outfit, the boxers with a heart shape or flowers on them.' He asked me, 'What kind of underwear are you wearing today?' And I said, 'Just some regular gray briefs, you know—just normal looking.' He said, 'Why don't you take off your pants and see what it looks like with the other outfits on.' I said, 'What? Are you serious?' So I showed him, and he was like, 'Cool. That's the outfit. We're going to use that."

Oh, man. Oh, man. But it gets even better:

"I had to go ahead and show the other producers. They were on set too," Godfrey continued. "So I had these tearaways on that they prepared for me. When I get to the producers, I tear them off. So it was like, tear them off. 'Here it is. Do you guys like it?' I had to pose. They took a picture of that. It was pretty awkward."

It sounds like it! At least we get to reap the benefits come opening day!

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