What Is 'Austenland' Star Keri Russell's Literary Obsession?

In this weekend's "Austenland"—based on Shannon Hale's 2007 novel of the same name—Keri Russell plays a Jane Austen obsessive nursing a major crush on that rascally "Pride and Prejudice" rogue Mr. Darcy. Her obsession inspires a stay at an Austen-themed resort, where she hopes to find a love interest of her own.

In real life, Keri admits that Jane Austen wasn't as much a looming figure in her formative years as was a certain teen detective.

"I think Nancy Drew was a little bigger in my life than Jane Austen," Keri told MTV News' Josh Horowitz of the Carolyn Keene-penned heroine. "She's a teenage detective. What's cooler than that? I mean, Nancy Drew was just super-cool ... I read every single one of those books. I loved it."

And we love you for sharing our admiration of the sleuth! Now, let's all go home and write Regency-era Nancy Drew fanfic!

"Austenland" is open in New York and L.A.

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