Are Klaus And Hayley Destined For Romance On 'The Originals'?

The OriginalsThere are plenty of beloved characters on "The Vampire Diaries"—in fact, there are so many so that the writers are constantly dreaming up inventive ways to bring back ones they've killed off—but very few are as polarizing as Hayley, the werewolf who came to Mystic Falls, had a one-night stand with Klaus, and is now pregnant with his hybrid supernatural baby.

Now that she's a central character in the spin-off, "The Originals," which premieres October 3 on The CW, will the fans start to like her? Phoebe Tonkin told Hollywood Crush recently that she hopes she'll be able to win them over soon.

"I think sometimes the fans don't realize that I'm not actually the character I'm playing," admitted Phoebe. "It's sometimes a little hard when you read everyone on Twitter, but I get it. I watch 'Vampire Diaries' and I've seen from the beginning of Klaus and Caroline's relationship. I can understand why people are really passionate about it. I watch 'New Girl,' and I wanted Jess and Nick to get together so badly. If someone got in between them I'd be pissed!"

But fans don't need to worry about Hayley getting in the way of a potential Klaroline pairing. "Klaus doesn't feel the way he feels about Caroline towards Hayley," Phoebe said. "Their relationship is very different. They didn't think what happened that night was going to go any further. I think what the fans need to know is Hayley is not a threat."

Think about it: If Klaus propositioned you for a no-strings-attached fling, wouldn't you go for it? She got some action from a hot dude. What's wrong with that? Joked Phoebe, "Yeah, sue her!"

Executive producer Julie Plec promised that the first few episodes of "The Originals" will flesh out Hayley's character so people will understand her a little better. "Hayley on 'The Vampire Diaries' was nobody's friend. She came in, she was a little bit ballsy, she screwed over Tyler, she had a hand in this massacre that resulted in the death of his mother, and we didn't really explore her backstory other than that she had this mystery of looking for her family," Julie told Hollywood Crush. "So nobody had any reason to root for her because we were saving it all for the spin-off."

Once you're able to get to know her character better, you'll want to root for Hayley. "She made the fatal fandom mistake of having sex with Klaus, who of course the world has his nether parts saved for another blonde," Julie said. "But ultimately when you take the fandom passion out of it and you just look at her through the prism of a new show and a new character, she's a girl who never really knew her own family, who was kicked out by her adopted family, and who's now found herself knocked up with this mystery miracle baby by a narcissistic sociopath in the form of Klaus, taken in by his wacky family who want to protect her even though she's afraid of them and hates them all at the same time, so the girl's in a bind."

Phoebe said there won't be any romantic spark between Hayley and Klaus any time soon—"They're going to focus on looking after the child and co-parenting," she said—and her priorities now are to take care of her mystery baby and to look for her family. "Hayley's going to have to find people around her that she can trust who can help protect and support her. I think that's going to be a first for Hayley because she's normally very independent and strong-willed, and she's going to really need the help of others to protect her and her baby."

How are you feeling about Hayley?