Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence: Our Imagined Celebration

Jennifer LawrenceIf you're anything like us, you've had the date August 15 marked in your day planner with a bright, shiny Mockingjay sticker for eons now. Because, duh, this most important of days is "Hunger Games" starlet Jennifer Lawrence's birthday! She's 23! Burnt bread for everyone!

Now, we're not trying to be pessimistic here, but topping 22 is going to take some effort on JLaw's part. After all, not only did she get named to Time's 100 Most Influential People list and win an Academy Award for her turn in "Silver Linings Playbook," but she also met Jeff Bridges. So, yeah.

But no fear! We're here to help! As Jennifer's unofficial BFFs, we've planned a jam-packed day that will surely set 23 blazing.

First, breakfast. Well, actually, brunch. Jennifer should be able to sleep past 8 a.m., right? For our first of many meals, we're bringing over Philly cheesesteaks. It's never too early to feast on your favorite food. We'll probably eat about five of those.

Then we'll spend an hour or two tweeting at John Stamos in the hopes that he'll meet up with us—and bring plenty of Oikos Greek yogurt.

Next, it's off to a day of shopping, where Jennifer will exercise her spokeswoman discount and buy us all the pretty things at Dior. You know, after she buys herself all the pretty things. We'll take the pretty things leftovers.

All that shopping is going to leave us famished, so it'll be time for another meal. And for this, we have something special up our sleeves. Namely, a pizza with Jennifer's face on it. The anchovy likeness will astound. Promise.

After that, it's off to the theater, where we've rented out an entire auditorium for a special screening of "The Big Lebowski." Because, Jeff Bridges. We will then gift her with her birthday rug. Because it really ties the room together.

And—you guessed it!—meal time again, which we're calling the Gluttonous Games. Yep, we're taking a trip to a dessert island. (GET IT?!) Pies. Cakes. Cheesecakes. Philly Cheesecakes. Eclairs. Cupcakes. Cronuts. Ice Cream. Of course, we'll also invite Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Bradley Cooper for an extra serving of eye candy. (But don't even think about touching the desserts, boys!)

Now, with our tummies full of ungoldy goodies, we'll cap the night off snuggling on the couch with a Philly cheesesteak chaser shared between us while we watch an episode of "The Simpsons." There might be burping.

How would you celebrate Jennifer's birthday? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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