'Vampire Academy' Trailer: 5 Things We Love

Vampire AcademyAfter a tantalizing taste, we can finally (fully) bite into the first trailer for "Vampire Academy," thanks to a first look on Yahoo!

Ahead of its premiere, author Richelle Mead speculated via Twitter that most reactions would be along the lines of "!!!omg*flail*!!!mustwatchagain!!!" and, well, it's like she can read our minds or something. The trailer boasts plenty of fan-favorite moments, and we certainly have our own list of scenes we took a shine to.

To that end, keep reading after the jump for the five things we loved most about this first look at "Vampire Academy"!

The Cheeky Voiceover

Fans of Richelle's best-selling series know "Vampire Academy" isn't some sappy melodrama—sure, there's heart, but there's plenty of sass too. The trailer's opening narration from Rose captures this tone perfectly: "I don't know about you, but my school can get a little insane. Most of us stay up all night. And all of us think we'll live forever. if we survive graduation, that is." A later scene in which Lissa (Lucy Fry) feeds off of Rose and offers up a sheepish "thanks" also plays nicely into this idea.

All That Action

Of course, "Vampire Academy" isn't all chuckles either—stuff goes DOWN, and this first trailer hints at the bad-ass bodyguard Rose is destined to become.

Sarah Hyland's Makeunder

If the casting of gorgeous "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland as Rose and Lissa's dorky friend Natalie Dashkov left you scratching your head, worry no more. The 22-year-old has had a decided makeunder, sporting thick specs and frizzy hair to better embody the dull-seeming dame. (Yet, she still looks beautiful. Darn you, Sarah!)

Dimitri In His Duster

Proving no detail is too small, the "Vampire Academy" wardrobe department saw fit to outfit mentor Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) in his signature duster. And he wears it well.

Dimitri Out Of His Duster

This is where the frantic flailing fully took over our bodies. It's the lust charm scene, you guys. IT'S THE LUST CHARM SCENE, YOU GUYS. You voted it your most anticipated "Vampire Academy" scene, and if this small tease is any indication, it will not disappoint. Anyone have a spare bottle of smelling salts we can borrow?

Watch the full "Vampire Academy" trailer below!

What do you think of the first trailer for "Vampire Academy"? Spill your favorite moments in the comments and on Twitter!

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