'Vampire Diaries' Season 5: When Will Everyone Find Out Stefan's Secret?

Vampire Diaries"The Vampire Diaries" is full of WTF?! moments—we're talking at least two per episode, so multiply that by four seasons and you've screamed at your TV a LOT—but none elicited a louder reaction (at least in our house) than the revelation that Stefan is actually Silas' shadow self. That's right—Stefan is a doppelganger too!

Unfortunately, because Silas locked Stefan up in a safe and threw him off a cliff and stole his identity, no one knows Stefan isn't actually Stefan. Fortunately, executive producer Julie Plec told Hollywood Crush that it won't be too long before someone comes to his rescue. "I think the unveiling of the Silas secret identity treachery will happen quickly, because we tend not to drag that stuff out too long on 'The Vampire Diaries,'" Julie promised.

But before that happens, Silas is going to go nuts in Mystic Falls. "It won't stop him from continuing to exploit the fact that he is Stefan's doppelganger," Julie said. "And with Stefan locked at the bottom of the quarry floor for a little while, we'll see Silas taking full advantage of that."

Stefan's brother, meanwhile, will be playing a sort of guardian role for the newly resurrected Jeremy, who is not the most popular person at Mystic Falls High. "Jeremy's back with a cover story and a new reputation as the freak who faked his own death and burned his house down," Julie said.

There have been plenty of weird, unexplained disappearances and reappearances in town, but it's different this time. "The problem is they had, like, a full-blown memorial for him. There were flyers on the wall. That school mourned him, and here he is. The fact that the cover story is he faked his own death because he was troubled isn't going to fly so well with his fellow students and they're not going to be so nice to him about it."

It doesn't help that all Jeremy really wants to do is stand up to the various evil forces that come through his town on a regular basis. "Without Bonnie there by his side and with his sister away at college and with Damon being the sort of reluctant and snarky caregiver/guardian of his life, he's going to struggle a little bit back in high school when really he just wants to be fighting the supernatural battles with his friends," Julie said. "But Elena makes him promise he'll give it a go and stick it out, so he struggles."

"The Vampire Diaries" returns to The CW on October 3.

How do you think Stefan will be rescued? Are you glad Jeremy's back?