'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Mirror Has Three Faces'

Pretty Little Liars"Pretty Little Liars" the show has done a good job of taking elements from the "PLL" books but retaining its own identity. But in "The Mirror Has Three Faces," it became increasingly obvious that CeCe Drake is not only dangerous, but she's also likely the embodiment of one of the later books' twists. Is CeCe Alison's twin?

The producers have said that they're not exploring that particular storyline, but something is definitely up. In this episode we learned that not only did CeCe maybe harbor a very long-standing grudge against the girls, but she and Alison also had a very creepy, unhealthy relationship where they took on each other's personalities. All signs are pointing to CeCe being the one sneaking under the DiLaurentis house, sending Toby the sheet music and generally tormenting the girls. Things aren't usually what they seem on "PLL," so will the next two episodes give us another villain to root against? Will CeCe get what she deserves? Or will we find out an even deeper connection to Alison than we even knew was possible?

Emily moved in with Mrs. DiLaurentis, who generously offered to house her and her mom so they wouldn't have to live in the motel anymore. It's creepy how the DiLaurentis house is a shrine to Ali still (which seems weird, because didn't Maya's family live there for a while? Why is Ali's stuff so perfectly in tact?), but it's comforting to Ali's mom to have her daughter's friends in the house again. But Mrs. D seems way less upset than she should be that someone has been living under her porch, and in denial that her daughter was such a manipulative person. She knows more than she's letting on.

Spencer went with Toby back to Radley to learn more clues about his mom's death from her interred doctor. A had sent Toby some sheet music that his mom used to play, which, when played by Spencer, triggered the doctor's memories. His cryptic recollections plus Mrs. D's insight revealed that it was CeCe dressed as Ali he was warning against. They were playing some really messed up game where CeCe pretended to be a mentally disturbed Ali. What in the world are they getting at? This is some confusing stuff (but at least it makes more sense than last week's episode).

Thanks to an anonymous tip that Mrs. Hastings coerced Mona into confessing to Wilden's murder, Mrs. H had to step down as Ashley Marin's lawyer. While Mrs. H did threaten Mona, it was after she'd been sent to Radley and was a warning against screwing with her daughter and her friends again. While we were led to believe it was Mona stirring the pot again, we found out it was actually sweet, British Wren, Mona's doctor at Radley and former almost-member of the Hastings family. What is his deal and why has he seemed innocent for so long? Why is he now screwing with the girls' lives?

There's trouble in paradise for Caleb and Hanna, mostly because Caleb wanted to tell the cops that A was back and messing with the girls again. Somehow, though, Hanna convinced him that telling the authorities that a mysterious person was terrorizing her and her friends was a bad idea. How is that reasonable, again? The cops should definitely know what's happening, especially now that Wilden and his weird grudge are out of the picture. Hanna and Caleb didn't break up, but they're definitely a little rocky. We know they're going to have to split sometime, since he's moving to Ravenswood for the spin-off, but it hasn't happened yet. There are two episodes left to break our (their) hearts, though.

Once again, Aria's entire storyline revolved around boys. She went to her new guy's martial arts competition, but as she was walking inside she declined a call from Ezra. He was presumably calling to talk about the revelation that shook him to his core this week—that Malcolm wasn't his son, and Maggie had lied to him. He was devastated, since he had grown to love the boy. Maggie was "sorry," but that seems like kind of an understatement since she knew the kid wasn't Ezra's. But this could be a good thing—it could be what leads Aria and Ezra back together! Except the whole Ezria thing is still kind of creepy. How old are the girls now? Time moves so slowly in Rosewood. Can Aria and Ezra be together without it being illegal? (It'll still be creepy since she was his student, but at least it won't be against the law.)

What do you think of the CeCe twist? Could she be Ali's twin, or is there more to the picture? Are you worried for Caleb and Hanna? Will Toby find out what happened to his mom this season, or will we have to wait until after Halloween? And are you excited for Aria and Ezra to potentially get back together? Or at least for Aria to have a non-guy-related storyline?