'Vampire Academy' Trailer Tease Explodes Onto The Internet

It's 15 seconds and it is fantastic, you guys!

In anticipation of the first "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" trailer (debuting this evening on Entertainment Tonight), Weinstein Company has released a quick tease of the promo clip—capturing all the action and intrigue of Richelle Mead's best-selling novel.

To keep it tidy, there's no narrative thread to speak of—just fast cuts of scenes from the vampire drama, debuting February 14, 2014. Here's what we saw:

-An exploding motorcycle

-Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) delivering a punishing right jab

-Lissa (Lucy Fry) eyeing a descending helicopter

-A physician getting a bite taken out of his neck

-Rose (Zoey Deutch) weilding a knife

And...that's about it. (Five seconds of the tease were devoted to the animated logo, after all). But the studio definitely did its job: consider us officially bloodlusting after the full trailer.