Logan Lerman Doesn't Believe In Destiny

If you haven't bought your ticket for "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" yet, it's no real spoiler to tell you that our titular demigod deals with feelings of self-doubt in this follow-up to "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief." After all, Percy must prove he's no one-trick pony, while being repeatedly one-upped by fellow demigod Clarisse (played by "The Hunger Games" actress Leven Rambin). Can Percy live up to the legendary destiny that awaits him?

Surprisingly, in real life, star Logan Lerman told us that he doesn't believe in destiny. Or at least a concept of destiny that doesn't involve a lot of work.

"I believe in making your own destiny through luck, which is preparation and opportunity," Logan explained. "So, you know, you've gotta work hard. You've gotta do your job."

Co-star Alexandra Daddario, known to "Percy" fans as Annabeth Chase, said that she does believe in destiny, and funny enough, used a very similar argument to explain her side of things.

"I do in the sense that we all are capable of great things," Alexandra said. "It's a little bit of this perseverance-and-opportunity-meet kind of thing, and I think if you work really, really hard and don't give up on yourself, you'll find your destiny."

So there you have it kids. Whether you do or don't believe in "destiny," you've got to break a sweat to get where you're going.

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