Logan Lerman Offers To Let MTV Set Him Up

Perhaps you've heard the hubbub surrounding singer/actress Selena Gomez's revelation that "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" star Logan Lerman is her celebrity crush. And perhaps you've heard Logan's humble response, which has been along the lines of "I'm totes flattered!" (exclamation and abbreve added for emphasis). But we doubt you've heard what Logan told us when we offered to set him up with the 21-year-old pop star recently. (We are MTV, after all. We've got connections!)

"I'll give you guys a ring as my dating agency," Logan joked good-naturedly to our offer. "I gotta get off JDate and gotta start moving to MTV for my dating services."

Amazing, right? Now, a few things to unpack here: First of all, we don't think Logan is actually on JDate (but how awesome would it be if he were?). Second, how do we register the domain MTVDate.com? Third, do you think Logan would agree to be a paid spokesperson?

The actor's latest, "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," is in theaters now.

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