Peep Our EXCLUSIVE Trailer For Kami Garcia's 'Unbreakable'

Are you ready to get all the chilly chills, literati? Because, oh man, is this new EXCLUSIVE book trailer for "Unbreakable," Kami Garcia's creeptastic ghosthunter romance, gonna punch you one right in your soft spot. Turn on all the lights, check under the bed, and get ready to meet the Legion: an ancient, secret society that has two very particular sets of skills. One, eradicating evil spirits, and two, looking daaaaamn good doing it.

The trailer kicks off with Kennedy, a teenage girl who's still reeling from the mysterious death of her mother when she stumbles on another horrifying surprise. Ghosts? Are totes real.

"I never believed in ghosts," Kennedy says, "until one tried to kill me." (We feel you, girl. We never believed in ghosts until one came into our apartment and bought a bunch of shoes on the internet and left empty boxes of Cheez-Its all over the place. Or at least, that is what we told our boyfriend when he asked. SERIOUSLY DUDE, IT WAS GHOSTS.)

Now, Kennedy is faced with a terrifying truth: Her mother was no ordinary woman, but a member of an exclusive club whose members were bound in perpetual battle against a vengeful otherworldly demon. And with two hot twins offering her a choice: instant membership in their ghosthunting club, or the distinct possibility of death at the hands of some murderous bag of ectoplasm, Kennedy is about to sign up for a hell of an extracurricular...and commence the fight of her life.

Raring to read? Of course you are, so take note: "Unbreakable" hits stores October 1.

What do you think of our EXCLUSIVE look at the first book in the "Legion" series?