Peep An EXCLUSIVE, Enigmatic Preview Of 'All Our Yesterdays'

If you've been paying even the teensiest bit of attention to the YA book buzz for fall 2013, then you've no doubt caught wind of the mad, rabid anticipation surrounding Cristin Terrill's debut novel, "All Our Yesterdays." (Seriously, the buzz for this book is so loud and wild that it sounds like a million angry bees jacked up on performance-enhancing drugs.) And in this final month before the book hits shelves, you're gonna want to get acquainted with the strange, scary, sci-fi surreality in which it takes place...which is, of course, where we come in. Because we've got the EXCLUSIVE first of four cinematic webisodes introducing you to the book's brave, bad-ass heroine. And ooooooh, she's in big trouble.

A girl imprisoned in a locked, bare cell, with a hard chair under her rear and a video camera in her face: This can only be Em. She's spent her life trying to stop the invention of a machine that will destroy the world, only to find herself behind locked doors, guarded by a mysterious man who wants to know what she knows, and who doesn't mind knocking her around to get it. Ugh! This guy is so RUDE and MEAN. And with nothing but a list of instructions to guide her—a list she doesn't remember writing, but that's written in her own hand—she'll need to find a way out of her prison in order to stop the apocalypse.

Intrigued? YEAH YOU ARE. And in the weeks leading up to the September release of "All Our Yesterdays," you'll be able to sneak three more webisode peeks at the excitement to come.

"All Our Yesterdays" is out September 3.

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