Is Mireille Enos The Perfect Rockstar Mom For 'If I Stay'?

Mireille EnosUgh, that awkward moment where a brilliant actress is circling one of the movies you're most looking forward to, based on a favorite YA novel—and you're all, "Yaaaaay! She's going to be amazing!" but then you're like, "Except noooooo, because we'll have to watch her die!" That's where we're at this morning with the news that Mireille Enos is eyeing the part of Kat in "If I Stay," the movie based on Gayle Forman's heartbreaking novel of the same name.

Deadline has the dish that the actress, best known for her work on "The Killing," is in talks to play the rockstar mom to main character Mia.

It's not a spoiler to reveal that Kat—along with her husband, Mia's dad—bites the big one pretty much right away; the movie is all about Mia's struggle to make a terrible choice in the wake of the car accident that kills her whole family. If cast, we'll be seeing Mireille mostly in flashbacks as the comatose Mia struggles with the decision to either return to the earthly world and confront her heartbreaking loss, or shuffle off this mortal coil and move on to...well, whatever comes next.

This is the first news we've had since Gayle Forman confirmed that the film was definitely headed into production, with Chloe Grace Moretz already on board to star. Here's hoping that Mireille makes it official soon—and that the producers move on to tackling the all-important task of getting a suitably dreamy young dude for the all-important role of Mia's boyfriend, Adam.

What do you think of Mireille as a cool mom?