Californiaaaaaaa: 'The O.C.' Turns 10

The O.C.Where were you a decade ago? If you were anything like us, probably tuning in to the series premiere of "The O.C." That’s right, folks, it’s been exactly 10 years since the world was introduced to the Fox dramedy that quickly became the weekly small-screen obsession for a generation of TV lovers and pop-culture fanatics.

It also was the day that our crushes on Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie were formed. We still haven’t let those feelings go.

The show, created by Josh Schwartz (who later brought us exploits from the Upper East Side with "Gossip Girl"), premiered on August 5, 2003 and introduced us to the quirky characters that inhabited the fictionalized version of his Orange County, California. The show revolved around the Cohens (Sandy, Kirsten; their lovable, yet nerdy son Seth; their foster son, Chino, not to mention bad boy and pool house resident Ryan Atwood), their pals and frenemies, featuring the Coopers (including bad girl Marissa), as well as Seth’s dream girl, Summer, plus a whole slew of others (studly football players, MILFs, girl-next-door types, etc.).

Some of the folks that lived in Schwartz’s O.C. favored the drama and others brought on the comedy. But, they all managed to entertain us through the show’s four-season run. Love triangles, natural disasters, affairs of the heart, murder—and everything in between—took place during the show’s epic stint on TV. Even when things got a little over-the-top (and they often did), the show also had a lot of heart that grounded it. Sandy also knew how a good bagel and schmear makes for a delicious breakfast, and could also ease any and all tensions.

Back in 2009, Hollywood Crush wanted to know if some of the cast might be into a reunion. At the time Marissa Cooper herself, Mischa Barton, was down for it (even if it would mean a resurrection of some sort), but Ryan, a.k.a. Ben, wasn’t so sure he could see a reunion happening anytime soon. We hope that he’d be willing to change his mind, for the sake of the fans.