'Spectacular Now' Star Miles Teller: Shailene Woodley Is A 'Tribal Woman'

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller may just be the Hepburn and Tracy of the Millennial Generation (Google it, kids). They'll star in two films together over the next year: this weekend's "The Spectacular Now" and 2014's dystopian drama "Divergent." And though the two couldn't seem more different, Miles told MTV News that they actually mesh quite well.

"We are different," he agreed. "When we first met, the only thing she'd ever seen me in was 'Rabbit Hole,' so she was expecting this pretty shy, you know, introverted kid, and I came in hot. I think I literally just got back from Vegas. But that's how I met Shailene. And then we had lunch, and afterwards, we talked about GMOs for like an hour. I called up my mom and was like, 'What's up with corn? Why's it so bad?'"

But to hear Miles speak of it, he really does respect the differences between himself and his co-star.

"She's very unique. She's very confident in herself, more so than most 21-year-olds you would meet," he said. "Just as a person in general, she has her convictions. She has her charities that she's very passionate about. She's also this tribal woman. Shailene goes on these excursions with a knife and hot springs, and she has what she refers to as her tribe of warriors. She climbs trees. She wears those shoes that are just for your toes. She's an interesting person."

Somehow I don't think Katharine Hepburn wore toe shoes.

"The Spectacular Now" is open now.