Style Superstar: Alexandra Daddario Has Her Eyes On The Prize

Her "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" character might be a descendant of the Goddess of Wisdom, but Alexandra Daddario was channeling Aphrodite in a major way at the movie's premiere on July 31. Her fluttery, flirty, feminine look was so perfectly put-together, it had to be divinely inspired—and it's gotta be this week's winner for Style Superstar.

The actress opted for a Diane von Furstenberg dress in a small, speckled blue-on-blue print that reminds us of breaking waves—not a bad choice if you're trying to catch the eye of the son of Poseidon, but an even better choice if you're trying to establish yourself as a fresh, fashion-forward presence in Hollywood. This dress couldn't be a better fit for Alexandra, and the color makes her famous ice-blue eyes pop even more than usual. Love, love, love.

Also debuting a movie this week: Shailene Woodley, who's kicking off a very busy two years of big movie roles with indie drama "The Spectacular Now." The good news is, she seems to be ramping up her style savvy to go with her increased visibility—this high-necked, midriff-baring two-piece look with a big, statement necklace, which she wore to the L.A. premiere, is very chic, indeed. The bad news is, she wore it this week, thus breaking the sacred covenant that declares us all free from so much as glimpsing a turtleneck between the months of May and September. This look needs to be put away until fall, okay? Okay.

What do you think of our featured fashion picks this week?