Peep EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For 'Burning Sky'

A royal alliance, a girl in disguise and two young people bonded in magic against a tyrant terrorist: We're just gonna come out and say that the soon-to-be-released fantasy romance "The Burning Sky" sounds so flippin' amazing, you may well require a fresh pair of pants after watching the EXCLUSIVE book trailer debut, right here, right now. (Related: You go on and watch it, and we'll be right back. With new pants on.)

The book by Sherry Thomas tells the story of a kingdom torn by war, and a young woman blessed with the supernatural abilities to finally end the madness. Her task: to defeat the tyrant known as the Bane, whose unparalleled magic has kept the Realm in thrall and under his power for years. What will Iolanthe, the chosen savior, have to sacrifice to fulfill her destiny—and what price will the Prince pay to keep her safe?

The answers await when "The Burning Sky" hits bookstores September 17. But with three books planned in the Elemental Trilogy, uncovering the full truth about the fate of the Realm will almost certainly require time, patience and probably a lot more fresh pants. Everybody brace yourselves.

What do you think of this first peek at "The Burning Sky"?