'Mortal Instruments' Sequel Has Its Eye On Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney WeaverEven though we've got another month yet before "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" has its big theatrical release, it's already full steam ahead for the cast and crew on the sequel, "City of Ashes"—and that, my little leather-clad demon-slaying fanfolk, means casting news. What's the rumor? Oh, just that Hollywood grande dame Sigourney Weaver is on the verge of signing on for a major role in movie No. 2, according to an exclusive scoop from The Hollywood Reporter.

Per the report, Sigourney is eyeing a major role within the league of Shadowhunters: a ruthless leader of the demon-killers' organization whose only desire is vengeance on the man who killed her son. (The official dish doesn't name her character, but fans on the internet are already abuzz with the suggestion that she must be in talks to play Imogen Herondale, also known as the Inquisitor of the Shadowhunters' Clave.)

And while it's not official yet, the actress couldn't be a more perfect pick for the part: She's no stranger to battling monsters as the tough-as-nails leading lady of the "Aliens" franchise, plus she's got relevant executive experience within a demon-related organization thanks to her role as The Director in "Cabin in the Woods." You couldn't find a more qualified candidate! Here's hoping they make her an offer she can't refuse.

Would you like to see Sigourney as the Inquisitor?