'Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea' Sets Sail With EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer

Mysterious hotties, eerie events and gothic supernatural romance in a crumbling mansion on the lonely coast of Maine: these are just a few of the treats that await readers in the pages of the soon-to-be-released "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by April Genevieve Tucholke, and also just a few of the reasons why we totally want this book to be our new boyfriend. (Which is to say, as soon as it becomes available, we plan to spend all weekend in bed with our face buried all up in it.) But if you're not already good and pumped for the August release, then this oughta do it: We've got the EXCLUSIVE debut of a brand-new trailer that shares some of the bestest critical buzz for this upcoming YA series.

The story goes something like this: On a summer afternoon, in a small, sleepy New England town, a charming and beautiful stranger named River arrives on the doorstep of Violet White's big, ramshackle house—and when he takes up residence in their guest cottage, it's not long before he and Violet are feeling the forbidden love. But the appearance of River in town coincides with some seriously strange goings-on that hint at something sinister, or worse, balls-out eeeeevil in his visit. And Violet should be ascairt! But like they say: You stop fearing the devil when you're holding his hand...or kissing his face...or touching his butt. Especially touching his butt.

"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" hits bookstores August 15.

Is this one on your to-read list?