Style Superstar: Aubrey Plaza Scores At The 'To Do List' Premiere

What's on Aubrey Plaza's "To Do List"? For the most part, a whole lot of filthy sexual colloquialisms, some of which are so obscure and bizarre that we cannot even figure out what they mean, let alone print them on the internet in a place where children might see them! But somewhere on there, right in between two mysterious euphemisms for "doing the bang-bang," must have been an item that read, "Assemble a Style Superstar-worthy outfit for the premiere red carpet this week." And did she do it?

Spoiler alert: SHE DID IT. The actress donned this cute Calvin Klein dress for the Los Angeles premiere of her new film—a fitting designer name-check considering the flick's 1990s nostalgia factor, and with a fit that only a willowy gal like Aubrey can pull off. This look is simple, structural and lovely, and the gold pumps pull double-duty: warming up the dress's creamy tones while also adding the outfit's one pop of bling.

Also at the "To-Do List" premiere: the always adventurously styled Rachel Bilson, who plays Aubrey's older and more experienced sis in the movie, and who chose a dress with an unusual silhouette for her own red-carpet entrance. But while we love the color on her, the peculiar cape-like accouterments doesn't quite achieve its avant-garde which we mean that it makes her look like a very large, very pretty blue insect with its wings folded back.

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