Peep EXCLUSIVE Debut Trailer For 'Romeo & Juliet'

This morning, MTV had the special opportunity—nay, the privilege!—to debut the very first and EXCLUSIVE trailer for "Romeo & Juliet", the most recent big-screen reboot of the classic Shakespearean tragedy. And you'll want to waste no time in getting your peepers on it, because ooooooh, the costumes and sets are sumptuous, and ahhhhhh,

Douglas Booth has a mouth like a piece of ripe pink fruit, and HEY! That's Sergeant Brody, from "Homeland," playing Juliet's angry dad! Oh man, this is gonna be so great.

The film stars Douglas and Hailee Steinfeld as the titular couple, and the trailer teases many of the moments that those who've read the play (in other words, everybody) are longing to see on screen. The masquerade ball where the pair meet for the first time, the confrontation between Romeo and Mercutio that ends in bloodshed, Juliet on her balcony (also offering a primo look at just how gorgeous this entire film is going to be), and plenty of passionate, yearning exchanges between the two young lovers—not to mention a last-minute clutch appearance of the "happy" dagger that's going to find its tragic home in a certain person's bosom.

"Romeo & Juliet" is out October 11.

Are you ready to see this woeful story on the big screen this fall?