Godfrey Gao Remembers His First 'Mortal Instruments' Meetup

Hey, remember that time when Godfrey Gao showed up to the "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" set and made a couple of insta-friends? Ha! Just kidding, of course you don't, 'cause you haven't watched this interview from Comic-Con yet—an interview in which Godfrey shares his fond reminiscences from his first day on the job as the illustrious Magnus Bane.

"I remember the first day I came into the studio," he recalled. "I'd just arrived from Taiwan, I didn't know who was who, I just saw monsters and demons running around."

But then, he said, the sea of shadowy creatures parted! And a voice spoke! And the voice was like, Yo, Godfrey!—because as it turned out, stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower had been eagerly awaiting his arrival and were psyched to welcome him aboard, even though they'd never actually met. Cute, right? The only thing cuter is seeing Godfrey beam at the memory of being so warmly welcomed; clearly it's one of his faves.

Are you pumped to see Godfrey in the role of Magnus?

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