Robert Pattinson's Dior Shoot: More Sneak-Peekage

The bad news, compadres, is this: Dior has teased yet another photo from Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme campaign, and he's not naked in this one, either. BOOOOO. But on the upside, hey! It's a brand new photo from the Pattz's foray into haute couture fragrance spokesmanship! Let's all drool on it!

And like the previous peek from the campaign, this is one drool-worthy shot. The pic, released on Dior's official Twitter feed, shows the beautiful Brit in a contemplative pose atop what looks like a water tower. Rob is handsome as always in dramatic black-and-white, and he looks quite at ease, despite being precariously perched several hundred feet above the earth's surface. Also, the accompanying text reads, "Vibrant, Audacious, Seductive," which adds an intriguing twist to this pretty picture. We don't know exactly what's so audacious and seductive about Robert Pattinson high up on a water tower (except, y'know, the obvious), but we trust you, Dior, and we will totally stick around to find out where you're going with this. Please continue to tease us with delicious Pattinson pictures.