'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Crash And Burn, Girl!'

Pretty Little LiarsCould we actually be one step closer to discovering the true identity of A on "Pretty Little Liars"? The latest episode, "Crash and Burn, Girl!," made a pretty good case that another blonde bombshell—the troublemaker Cece—could possibly be the puppetmaster in the red cape pulling all the strings.

Of course, any time the girls actually seem to be making progress toward discovering who's been tormenting them for four seasons we find out quickly that it's yet another red-caped herring, so the chances of it actually being Cece are slim. Still, Toby and Caleb teaming up to Nancy Drew Wilden's murder was perfectly adorable. Anyone else think the "PLL" spin-off should have actually been a buddy cop comedy?

The Hardy Boys teamed up to figure out the timeline of Wilden's death and who could actually have committed the crime, and Cece was their suspect. At the end of the episode, the airport worker they talked to was seen slipping A a steamy beverage while a pair of ladies' sunglasses sat on the table. Is this more proof A is a she? The girls, meanwhile, broke into Wilden's house to see what they could find. (Nothing so far.)

Of course, the police's suspect is Ashley Marin, who's stuck in jail after the cops arrested her. Hanna wasn't taking it too well and seemed to be in denial that her mom could really go down for Wilden's murder. Things are looking grim for Ashley, though fortunately she can make even an orange prison jumpsuit look glamorous.

Aria wasn't the Montgomery in trouble this week. Instead, it was Mike, whom everyone suspected of trashing Connor's car in defense of his sister. He didn't do it, he told Aria, but he kind of wished he had. It's adorable that he's now becoming relevant when a few weeks ago we all but forgot he even existed. Way to remind us you're a character, Mike!

Mike got off the hook thanks to Ezra, who leapt to his (and Aria's) defense. The principal called him out on it, though: his bias when it comes to the Montgomery family was noted.

Emily, meanwhile, postponed some expensive injection therapy for her injury because she worried about her parents being able to afford it. But she probably should have thought a little harder about her money woes, because she stole a key from her mom and got her suspended from work. But that wasn't even the worst thing that happened to Mrs. Fields: At the end of the episode, a car drove straight toward her, crashing into the family's living room.

Her fate is unknown, but hopefully she'll be okay. Man, with Mrs. Marin in jail, the other liars' moms should probably watch their backs. (This applies mostly to Mrs. Hastings, since Mrs. Montgomery is out of the country and thus probably out of A's reach...for now.)

Is Cece really A? Is there only one A pulling the strings? Will Mrs. Fields be okay? Share your thoughts about the episode in the comments!